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Donation Opportunities

Click the link with the arrow to contribute to the specified fund. If recurring donations have been set up for a fund, a "Schedule Donation" link will appear for that fund. Click the Schedule Donation link to make a recurring donation.
The acquisition, movement and restoration of Southern Pacific Railroad steam locomotive #1744.
Donations for use in the PLA/NCRy Steam engine program. Used to maintain and restore the various steam engines at PLA/NCRy. The donor may specify a steam engine, other wise these funds will be used for all the restoration and repairs in the Steam operations at PLA/NCRy.
The SP9010, a Krauss-Maffei diesel built for Southern Pacific is being remanufactured by PLA/NCRy. This is the only Krauss-Maffei built for SP left in the world, and an International team has assembled the information and help needed to be successful.
The Great Northern Ranch car arrived Feb 8th 2019 on property. The Interior is in good shape for what the car has been doing; sitting in the weather. It did have a leak in the vent area that caused some damage,but overall, it looks great. Estimate Cost Restoration Summary: Roof: $1500 Running Gear: $2500 Interior: $500 Windows: $4950 Exterior Metal repair: $250 Exterior Painting: $20,000 Kitchen: unknown Electrical: $5000 Reupholster and new flooring: $20,000 Total estimate for operable condition: $14,700 Total estimate to renovate the car: $34,700 Total including all known restoration: $54,700
Donations to the PLA/NCRy general fund, used to support our overall mission.
Donations to build a protective roof over parts of the Brightside railyard. This pole barn would protect our railroad collection from the sun and rain.
Donations to be used to build out facilities on the NCRy. Current projects include a Locomotive Maintenance Building, improvements to the Car Shop building.
Donations given to restore or repair cars of NCRy. If the donor wishes, they can specify specific cars, otherwise these funds will be used for any PLA/NCRy Car department restoration, repairs needed. Donations are appreciated.